Not able to register available domain

Hi, I am new to Netlify and wanted to register my domain with Netlify. I searched for my domain name after clicking on “Add or Register Domain”, and it says it’s available. But when I click on the “Register Domain for $XX.XX” button, it returns an error saying “transaction declined”.
Later when I go back to the Domains tab, I can see my domain there but it says “Registered Externally”. AFAIK, I don’t have any active registration for this domain, I also did a whois lookup and it too says domain is available.
How to resolve this issue? Thanks :slight_smile:

hi there, can you tell us which top level domain you are trying to purchase? (.com,, .net, etc) Many top-level-domains can be purchased directly through the Netlify UI, but some can not.

In those cases, the registrar often needs additional information we cannot provide through the UI, so we ask people to register those domains through or a similar site and add them to Netlify after the fact.

Hi, thanks for reaching out. Actually it was a .com top level domain. Nevertheless, I have now registered it via an external registrar.

ok great. glad that worked! let us know if you have any other questions :+1:

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