No user found with this email

Hey community.

This morning I’ve been getting some weird behaviour with identity (.netlify/identity/token) I’ve enabled Identity for my site and using gotrue-js calling auth.login() sometimes logs the user in and other times returns “invalid_grant”, “No user found with this email”. Nothing has changed in the code and no, I have not changed the users password :smiley:

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @judgeyboy, can you share a link to the site you’re having trouble with so we can take a look? Also, welcome to the community!

Hi @futuregerald, thanks for reaching out!

My site is - I’ve not deployed it yet, still working locally as I’m having these identity issues.
I can reproduce the issue. This is the response I get when calling auth.login(email, password)

Then I go to my netlify site’s identity page, click on “edit Registration”, make NO changes, save it.
Back in my login screen I hit “login” again and VIOLA it works

Please let me know if you need any more details

Cheers, Ben