No site thumbnail images


I noticed the thumbnail images in the ‘Sites’ page are no longer working. They all show the smiling face fallback image. There is one site showing the thumbnail image properly on page load, but disappears after a short while.

How do I get the site thumbnail images back?

Thank you.

I have the same issue

hi there,

Can you both tell us the netlify sites where thumbnails aren’t being generated? that’ll help us investigate. thanks.

hi again, screenshots are indeed broken at the moment! thanks for reporting. We have filed a bug, and we’ll let you know when we anticipate a fix.

It’s me again! We identified the issue and rolled out a fix. Sometimes we get to be quick like this and it is very satisfying. Your screenshots should be working again now :partying_face:

Hi @perry it’s still not working for me.

hey there, can you tell me which site or team this is for so i can take a closer look?