No redirection to configured page happens when my form is submitted

Hey all,

Really enjoying testing all these features netlify provides. I am having some issues getting the forms to work properly. I have a form setup which is logging the form data into the dashboard as expected, but on submission, it never redirects to the default thank you page. I’ve tried testing the custom thank you page redirect with the action, but still no luck.

You can test the form here:

I’ve tried to keep the form as simple as possible for testing, so I did not include any recaptchas or other features.

Any ideas?


Hi Sean,

Looking at the form definition in our database, I can see that you intend to redirect to the /success page, but I can’t tell exactly what your form submit button is doing/trying to do. Can you elaborate a bit on the intention? Most folks including my working test form have a simpler button like this:


…but yours looks like this:

<button type="submit" class="btn">

That may not be the cause of the problem, but it was the first thing I noticed when I took a quick look.

Thanks for taking a look. I don’t see the “_” in Send Message on my end. The pseudo-elements are strictly for styling purposes.

Do you believe the type is affecting it? I will switch it out to your same example for testing purposes.

Edit: I changed out the button to just a standard button. Still no luck.

Hi @SeanS, I don’t see an action on your html form:

That’s from ( If you don’t specify an action then the browser won’t route to that new page on submission.

hey @futuregerald - Thanks for taking a look. So I stripped the action out to test the stock functionality.

The documentation says you don’t need the action unless you’re going to the custom page. I added it back in on this stage build:


Still not getting any redirect. The form is logging correctly in the Netlify backend, just no redirect.

Hey all. Thanks for the help. It ended up being an issue in my JavaScript interfering. I appreciate the responses!