New DNS A record link exists?

Having trouble getting my A record to add… I am getting the following error:

Wait never mind, it seems it works, but the A record is not appearing under my DNS settings.

Hi Jeff,

Could you tell us what you are trying to accomplish with that record? We have an automatic record that is better than the one you are trying to configure set up in your DNS settings already, so that record would be in conflict as our API has (somewhat obscurely) reported in that response. You can see the “better” record in place already:

$ host has address has IPv6 address 2604:a880:2:d0::21e9:b001

If your proposed addition was added, it would reduce your performance for half of your visitors. Check out this article for a few more details about why a CNAME or NETLIFY (what is in place for your domain) record is better suited to our service:

Let me know if you have any questions!

It was very unclear that the records were automatically generated, hence my confusion. On the page when I enabled my domain, it gave a bunch of errors saying I needed to set up my DNS records for it to work properly.

Well, yes, you do need to set things up beyond what we set up - e.g. if you need to receive mail for it, you’ll want to set up MX records which we cannot automagically configure and we do warn you of this in our UI. But perhaps you have some more details about those error messages that we could take a look at, if that isn’t what you were referring to? Even a “I did X, Y, Z and got an error” that would be more actionable for us :slight_smile:

For the most part the “happy path” is:

  • apply a hostname to a site
  • while doing that if you need to, buy the domain (if not buying from us no problem, do that before applying the name)
  • after potentially buying the domain, while still configuring the site’s custom domain, activate netlify DNS (will happen automatically if you bought the domain and apply the name to a site)
  • that site will have the hostname setup in our DNS hosting
  • future applications of hostnames as custom domains to other netlify sites in the same account will automatically create records for you.

If you do something like set up DNS after setting up the site, we don’t follow that “automagic” path, but removing and re-adding the hostname in the site config should create them.