Netlify's prerendering output is not mobile friendly


I have found that netlify’s prerendered output is not mobile friendly. When I tested my site using Google’s mobile friendly testing tool, it says the site is not mobile friendly. “Content wider than screen” that was the error appeared for all pages. Then I found that netlify is always prerendering with screen resolution 1440x718. I have different layouts for mobile and desktop. Now netlify returns my desktop layout back to Google smartphone bot and it says my site is not mobile friendly. :frowning:

Is there any way to make prerendering mobile friendly? Why netlify can’t check if the bot is mobile bot and return a mobile friendly page?


Hi @nirmal,

That’s interesting. Prerendering only runs your javascript, it doesn’t change your CSS unless your Javascript changes your CSS. This means if your layout is using flexbox/grid/media queries, etc. then it should still be responsive after being prerendered since the same CSS will run on the mobile client browser.


I’m pretty new to the front end technologies, that’s why I had this confusion. :slight_smile: . I’m using vue+vuetify for my site. And the site is perfectly responsive for browser. I can switch to mobile and desktop without any issues. But not sure why this page is not responsive after prerendering. I need to learn more. :slight_smile:


@nirmal - we would love to have you come back and post here if you are able to figure out what is going on? I am sure that would be really helpful to other people!