Netlify.toml vs netlify.yaml


I am a little confused by the new configuration file netlify.yaml.
I imagined it would be a drop-in replacement for netlify.toml, but without the toml file I get the following error:

No netlify.toml found. This is needed to configure the function settings. For more info:

When both of them are present I have

 failed during stage 'Reading and parsing configuration files': Multiple potential Netlify configuration files in "/opt/build/repo": netlify.toml, netlify.yaml

I would like to access the “plugins” functionality and I am not certain if it exists on the toml version of the configuration as this doesn’t seem to trigger anything:

  type = "./.netlify/plugins/xxx"

What would you recommend as the best course of action?

We haven’t quite finished implementing the json and yml support, but these are the docs: .

It is definitely not implemented in the private beta for build plugins yet, so you’ll need to stick with toml as the docs advise.