Netlify takes control over the root domain when using www?


When adding a subdomain as the domain name for a Netlify site, it does not add the root domain, the only domain in the list is the subdomain you added, the only difference is the subdomain “www”, this will also add the root domain, why?

My site is running on, the root domain is running on the backend server due to various ports using it. Hence, my users simply type in various apps, and the requested port gives them the correct content, this is not possible (I think) with Netlify.

Port 443 and 80 automatically redirects to www, handled by the backend.

The problem is that when you add to Netlify, it also adds, the SSL certificate refuses to propagate until both the domain and the subdomain is pointing towards Netlify, why is that? And is there any way around it?

So far I worked around it by merely pointing the root domain to Netlify, let it recognize it and have my SSL certificate issued, and then revert the root domain back. But I’m afraid this might be necessary every time Netlify tries to renew the certificate.

Any advice?

It would be preferable to use Netlify’s DNS servers directly. But that would require the option to redirect specific ports, like to a completely different IP.

Thank you,

@freddy, there is a setting internally we can set to override this. Which Netlify site do you only want to add the www subdomain to and what is the domain name being added?

Hi @luke,

Thank you for the response. It’s the domain, where I only want to be handled by Netlify, I want to deal with and handle the root domain myself :slight_smile:

Hi, @freddy, the SSL certificate has been updated to to only cover the domain.

Please note, this setting means we’ll ignore any other domain aliases which are added for the SSL certificate for this site - unless we perform a similar process to add them to the SSL certificate. In other words, if you want to make future changes or additions to the domains the SSL certificate includes, we’ll need to add/remove those here in Netlify technical support.

​Please let us know if there are any other questions or more we can do to assist.