Netlify site used to spread malicious links via Facebook messenger

This site is sending out malicious links from hacked Facebook accounts via messenger that link back to the following netlify site phishing etc. please figure out what to do about it. Thanks.

Hey @Haa, when I go to this page, I don’t see anything. That said, we take these reports seriously and this account has a few hundred sites associated with it, so we will keep investigating. In the meantime, do you have a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Update: I see what you mean- my Privacy Badger extension was blocking the script. We’ll disable that account. Thanks again for reporting :trophy:

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And in case you come across things like this in the future, is the best email address to let us know.


Thank you for taking care of it. It came to my attention because they are phishing with a family member’s fb account, so I really appreciate you moving on it so quickly. Have a good weekend!