Netlify script appears as third party script in Google Page Speed test

When I test a page through Google Page Speed, Netlify appears in the “Reduce the impact of third-party code” section with a 311KB big file.

I wonder, where does Netlify’s script come from?

@marvinhuebner, Netlify doesn’t modify your site code (unless you use our asset optimization but, even then, the changes are only to formatting and not to the code itself).

The point I am making is that we are definitely not adding any third-party javascript to your site. (But I understand why you would be concerned if PageSpeed Insights made it seem like we were.)

I believe this is a reference to the site’s javascript being loaded from a subdomain of (specifically, loading from

Now, if you do see any Netlify specific javascript being injected into your deployed site, please let us know. This would be highly unusual and we also would want investigate this immediately.

Again, though, I’m nearly certain that this just the PageSpeed Insights tool calling the site javascript “third-party” javascript when it actually isn’t.

If there are other questions, please let us know and we’ll be happy to answer.

Thanks for the clarification. Now I think this comes like you already said that the javascript gets loaded from, that totally makes sense, I just didn’t think of that at all. I checked it again on our live page now, and netlify doesn’t appear on the third party resources. I already checked it before, but I couldn’t explain me where it came from on the bergwerk-next site.

Sorry for any confusion from my side.

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