Netlify Password Email Redirects to site without Prompt

I’m having an issue with logging into the Netlify CMS. My site is a Gatsby site thats using github as a repo.

I’ve done the following:
Enabled git gateway
Enabled identity api and invited a user (myself)
Installed the react-netlify-identity-widget

When I go to my /admin I can see the login screen but I’m unable to get a new password because the email link just goes back to the site without a prompt.

I’m all out of ideas lol

Just figured it out =) Was one of two things.

  1. uninstall and reinstalled these dependencies
    react-netlify-identity-widget @reach/dialog @reach/tabs

  2. In github I set my github pages settings to the master branch. Initially it was set to “none”

Hi, @lwdstudio, nice troubleshooting and I think it is awesome of you to take the time to posted an update with this information here.

It is incredibly helpful of you to share the solution you found and thank you for the follow-up! :+1:

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