Netlify Outgoing Webhooks sending random false triggers

Hi! I am using netlify outgoing webhooks to send my site deploy status updates to my backend endpoint. I have successfully configured the weebhooks endpoint and enabled the webhook event on netlify deploy settings as well.
But on my backend when a deploy fails on single website netlify is sending request on my backend for error message 4 to 5 times for no reason.
Same is the case when site is successfully build I still recieve error events from webhook for no reason.
Here in this image you can see for a single time failure netlify webhooks sent notification twice and sometimes thrice for no reason.
Please can you guide me on that what can be the issue or potential fix for that.
In future I’m planning to use netlify api to enable webhooks automatically rather than doing this manually from the dashboard settings page of netlify.

Hey @detosk,
Can you please share the Netlify url that this hook is connected to? We have fairly limited visibility into webhook logs, but we can definitely take a look and see if we see anything that would explain this behavior.
Hi, this was the link I tested my webhook on you can see for same site failure single time I recieved 6 post requests with same status and error message.
Thank you!


I see some really weird notifications configured in the database that don’t show up in our UI (here: Were you attempting to add them via API or something? IF not, could you confirm that you don’t need any not shown at the URL I listed, around deploys? In that case I’ll be able to remove the rest from the database so we stop over-reporting :slight_smile:

This was a test account. But in production I’m trying to add this for a saas based business solution. I added two outgoing webhooks for deploy fail and success using netlify api. Our platform will have over 100+ websites published through netlify. In order to track site status either it’s up and running or build failed it is over reporting and sending duplicate notifications in my case a single time site fails to deploy it sends 7 error notifications. I would have if you can fix this issue would save us alot of effort at our end. I just need outgoing webhooks for fail and success to be added through netlify api endpoint and work properly. :grinning: