Netlify Open Source accounts?

Do you contribute to an Open Source Project? Is it hosted on Netlify? Your project may qualify for an Open Source Project, which comes with more bells and whistles than a Starter account.

Open Source Projects must follow a few key guidelines - such as including a Code of Conduct, and supplying a link back to Netlify on the front page. No commercial entities are allowed.

If you are interested in finding out more, comment below!


NUSMods is an open source timetable planner for the National University of Singapore run by students, and is completely open source.

We use Netlify to host a preview of master branch at, and we deploy pull request builds to Netlify. Our team name on Netlify is NUSMods.

Hi @ZhangYiJiang! Welcome to netlify community.

Today we launched a new application process for open source teams.

Please start by reading the requirements and what we provide for qualified teams; your project will need to comply with all of them to be sponsored.

Then, please complete this form with more information about your project. Once you’ve met all the criteria, it should only take a couple minutes of your time, and we’ll verify if your project fits our policy and respond via email to confirm or ask clarifying questions when we have time.

Thank you!