Netlify Not Publishing Deployments

Hi Everyone,

So I’ve just merged all my work into the master branch and the deployment process successfully kicked off. However, after checking to see if the site was “published” it was not.

To deploy my site I’m using a gitbu action named “nwtgck/actions-netlify@v1.1.3”, it works well. The workflow action I use can be seen here

The github action successfully builds and pushes the new build to Netlfiy, yet when I check Netlify it doesn’t actually publish the site, it is still showing the old version.

Old (A build from last August):

New (Local development build):

I’m not sure what’s causing this, I did change the build folder but that shouldn’t be an issue as I’ve updated the folder location or atleast I believe I have.

What make’s this whole situation weirder is the fact that my build preview which can be seen below had updated, but the main site hasn’t.

If anyone from the Netlfiy team or the community can provide guidance It would greatly be appreciated :slight_smile:



UPDATE 28/08/2020 12:34

As far as I can see Netlify is receiveing the new build, but it’s still serving the old one even though it doesn’t exist anymore. Hmm I’m wondering if there is a stting which I’m missing, one which can delete the old contents and serve the new build.

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