Netlify not building - Command failed with exit code 1: npm run build

Hey, I can’t figure out why my app wont build on netlify. I tried building it locally it works, was checking for same file names, lowercase names that are different, tried removing json files and do a clean npm install, none helped. And it’s something related with this project. I’ve tried making a new project that only has App file inside of it and that worked, so it’s something messed up with this up I’m working on.
Here’s a github repo:
Here is the picture:

Hi, @h3h394, we released a change today which might be related:

You can test if this is the root cause by changing the build command to the version below which will unset this new CI environment variable:

CI= npm run build

If that doesn’t resolve the issue and/or if there are any questions, please let us know.


O my god, I spent last 4 hours removing every single thing I had and it didn’t work, installing npm again and trying all the solutions on netlify’s forum and stackoverflow. After 4 hours of not working, I’ve tried your solution and that worked the first time. Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhh <3

Same problem and this was also my issue. -_-.
Problem solved using this solution

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How do you unset CI if using codesandbox?

create a netlify.toml file in the root and use this setting
command = “CI= npm run build”

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thank you, i been dealing with problem too!

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Sorry. I dont understand. I have the same problem. I have to put [build]
command = “CI= npm run build” in netlify.toml? because the issue still persist

Can you explain how you did it?

hi there, please see this thread:

there are some instructions a few posts down from the top :+1:


This works! thank you very much!


Woooooo, thank you so much for this solution!!!

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thank you so much…

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