Netlify function execution time

Hi, my site is calling an API, but the response lasts for 20seconds (this is expected behavior). Since Netlify functions timeout after 10s, is it possible to increase that time? I bought the level 1 plan.

Site name: sectigo-site-health
API ID: 901229c3-9afd-4701-aaeb-5ed6cf7ecbae

Hi there, and welcome to Netlify Community!

We can definitely increase your functions timeout, but I’d also like to highlight two other ways to handle long-running functions:

  • If your functions are taking extra time because they’re connecting to an API located far away from the US-East (N. Virginia) region, we can set your functions to deploy to another AWS region of your choice. Deploying to a closer region can result in a faster response for your users.
  • If your functions don’t require a synchronous response, you can append -background to the function name, and we will deploy it as a Background Function, which can run for up to 15 minutes .

All three options (including the timeout increase) are available to Pro teams, on all sites, with no need to upgrade sites to Functions Level 1. You can use any combination of the options as they work for your needs.

We have bumped you up to 26 seconds. :slight_smile:

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