Netlify Forms with Formik in a Create React App


Hello Netlifyers,

As a geezer, I sometimes have memory lapses.

At least I did when trying to get a Formik form to work with Netlify Forms in a Create React App.

It took longer than I am comfortable admitting, but I’ve documented my efforts and am hopeful that others might benefit from what I’ve written.

Please do add any constructive advice that you might have on how to improve the solution.


[Common Issue] How to debug your form

That write up is amazing! So thorough and explanatory and a very nice practical guide. Thank you so much for writing and for sharing it!

Not sure if you’re the tshirt or sticker type but we would love to send you some Netlify swag if you’re interested.

Huge kudos from the Support team for getting the info out there into the collective hive mind of the internet - our docs can’t cover every caveat and typo possibility but we wish it were all discoverable…and this is a nice help in that mission!


Thanks for the kind words, @fool :slight_smile:

Sharing is caring. It’s what makes the Internet go 'round.

While my write-up surely isn’t perfect, I’ll be delighted if there are others who might benefit from it.

You got mugs? :coffee: :wink:

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We don’t have mugs currently. Just t-shirts and stickers. Let me know if you want either or both. :smiley:


No mugs?! What kind of monsters are you people? :japanese_ogre:

Ha ha! Just kidding, obviously.

I don’t really need any swag, but I do appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

Netlify is awesome. Keep on Netlifying!

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thanks for the fantastic work, @Kimfucious! If there was a Community Heroes Leaderboard you’d be on it (with some other fine folk doing awesome work helping other users.)

Wait - why don’t we just build a Community Heroes Leaderboard…:thinking: