Netlify Forms blanking fields?

Hi, I setup a while ago Netlify Forms and it works perfectly, however, in the last couple of months I’m receiving some form submissions with one of the fields empty.
To be more specific, I have a contact form (at and the field “message” is coming empty sometimes. This problem happens randomly.

I don’t believe I’m doing something wrong as it works, just randomly some form submissions come without a message. So I assume Netlify Forms is buggy somehow? Or if anyone knows a way to debug this better.

Anyway, some clarification about these matters would help.

You can check the message being sent to server here:

If that turns out blank, then what you’ll receive will be blank, if not, you should receive the message properly.

Would you check and let us know if the browser is showing as the message being sent and you’re receiving a blank entry?

Hey @hrishikesh, thank you for your reply.

Yeah, locally on my own computer and browser I understand that I can debug this using the developer tools of my browser to see what data is being sent under the request’s form data.

Maybe what I meant wasn’t clear, as I actually wanted to know how to debug this more broadly/generally (seeing backend logs, etc…), given that just a few percentages of the people that uses the contact form are suffering from this bug/problem.

Sadly, the user doesn’t have access to any of those. Your best bet would be to wait some time for someone from the support team to chip in.

You could deploy a Netlify function called submission-created.js that triggers whenever a form is fired to log all the data to your functions console. Check out this article:

It would be as simple as this:

exports.handler = async function (event, context) {
  const formData = JSON.parse(event.body).payload;

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hey @tomrutgers, thank you for your reply.
For sure I could do it, but then I wouldn’t be debugging/testing the actual request handler but rather just rerouting the data, which wouldn’t help much.

I guess the only way of investigating this would be for someone from the engineering team of Netlify to do it since this seems purely related to the Netlify form handler and email sender on Netlify Backends.

Given that they don’t do/listen to support requests on free accounts, I will jump back into this topic with them once I need to upgrade my account type.

I don’t know how and if the support team can help you in this topic, but I’m sure they do help even the free accounts. The paid accounts get private support by email, but I guess the same team responds on the forum too.

Hey @ricardofiorani,
Do you have a specific report of someone who submitted a form with a message that didn’t go through? If you have that, with a corresponding date, we can definitely check our logs to see if we see anything strange. However, I just sent a test (hello from netlify test at!) and it seems like it’s possible to submit the form without filling in the message field. Could that be the issue?

Hey @jen, thanks for your assist.

Yes, indeed there is no validation on the form. This COULD be the problem indeed, however, doesn’t make sense for the messages with real names and emails to be sent without a message.

About the samples of form submissions without messages:

  • on 14th January 2021 there is 2 submissions
  • on 9th January 2021 there 1 submission
  • on 2nd January 2021 there is 1 submission
  • on 18th December 2020 there is 1 submission
  • on 23th October 2020 there is 1 submission

I will add some sort of validation for the form to avoid submissions without a message and if it still happens I will reply in this thread again.