Netlify dev reports error

I’m adding functions to an existing site an and see the following error when I run netlify dev --live

error Unexpected key "webpackCompilationHash" found in preloadedState argument passed to createStore. Expected to find one of the known reducer keys instead: "program", "nodes", "nodesByType", "resolvedNodesCache", "nodesTouched", "lastAction", "flattenedPlugins", "config", "pages", "schema", "status", "componentDataDependencies", "components", "staticQueryComponents", "jobs", "webpack", "redirects", "babelrc", "jsonDataPaths", "schemaCustomization", "themes". Unexpected keys will be ignored.

I believe this is not actually a significant problem except that it is being reported as an error. It shows in terminal after the command > gatsby develop is logged. However, the command gastby develop when run directly does not show this error so I’m assuming it is not the problem.