Netlify dev opens up 50 node.js instances and forces me to shut down my PC

This one has me really stuck. I’m using netlify lambda functions which I’m testing with netlify dev. I had one function and all was fine, but when I added a second, netlify dev would keep opening up node.js instances until my memory and cpu were at 100% and then just keep going from there. I’m running a fairly powerful PC and it does this extremely quickly.

I’m not quite sure what’s causing this and it’s very difficult to test since I have to force shutdown my PC each time I try if I’m wrong. I first assumed it was some node module I was using, but removing that one doesn’t fix anything.

If anyone knows what might be causing this, any responses whatsoever would be appreciated.

Hi @EmNudge, can you tell me how you are starting netlify-lambda? Are you generating a file before starting the netlify-lambda server? Note that if you are, that would trigger netlify dev to reload.