Netlify CMS local config error

Hi I’m struggling with an odd issue.

Just done a clean install of the netlify cms hugo site starter template. All seems ok except but for some reason I get this error when I try to access the cms admin on local host:

# Error loading the CMS configuration

**Config Errors:**

YAMLSyntaxError: All collection items must start at the same column at line 1, column 1: <!doctype html> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^…

Check your config.yml file.

Has anyone seen this before? Any help greatly appreciated!


Can you possibly post a screenshot or code snippet of your config.yml, it’ll help diagnose further. Sounds like it might just be a YAML indentation problem.

Hi thanks!

It’s the default file from the netlify template project:

Hi @russco I think you need to access the local site via http://localhost:3000/admin/ and not http://localhost:3000/admin (notice the / at the end).