Netlify CMS "Access Netlify CMS on your new site" did not send an email

I have been looking at netlify via the gatsby site generator and was following the netlify cms instructions

I took a simple approach, by following the docs, and deployed gatsby-starter-netlify-cms.

However I never received the email

I am using the free level 0 tier. Is CMS use a paid feature? This would explain the issue but the billing comparisons do not specifically mention CMS?

So not a technical question really, essentially should I be able to use the CMS feature at the free level. I would rather try before buying.

Hi @ghinks and welcome to the community. Netlify CMS is an open source project, free to use and can even be used without Netlify.
To access the CMS after finishing the signup, you could access https:///admin (there should also be a link the in bottom of the page).

thank you for the reply. I did get that far and have tried deploying a few times each time I get the following …

I believe I have followed the instructions accurately. I do not want to use up too much of your time as obviously this works for others.
I’m just uncertain as to what to try. It appears that the email is not being sent to me. I’ll dig more.

hmm, just as a sanity check - did you check your spam folder :thinking:

yep, been going nuts closing every device I have just in case one of them is moving it. The error now says “email not confirmed” ( I started using a second email , and this kind of hints that my yahoo, emails are being blocked. Next step is another email host )

I am confirming that my yahoo account is blocking emails somewhere from

I’m not sure where or how but I used a google account and received the email.

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