- blacklist issue

Some services use blacklists like this
to filter content.
In my case, I use DNS resolver (similar to Cloudflare’s, and all * sites are blocked since you’re on that list.

Also reported on twitter:

hey there, thanks for bringing this up. I know it is alarming to see that. We’re actually aware of the issue, and working to fix it as soon as we can. Hopefully we’ll have an update for you at some point soon - and if you notice that you are able to post links again, please comment here and let us know! :slight_smile:

Can you provide an update?

hi there, we are still working to resolve this issue - we are making some headway, but unfortunately it is a complex issue not something we can control directly. Please do know we are aware that this a concern that is on our minds as much as yours - we hope to see some noticeable progress here soon. :muscle: