Netlify API for adding DNS record

I’m using the js library, but the documentation gives no indication on how to add a DNS record using configureDNSForSite

According to GitHub:

Every open-api method has the following signature:

#### `promise(response) = client.operationId([params], [opts])`

However within the API I can see things like DNS Zones, and DNS Records. Does configureDNSForSite expect a zone or a record? There are ID fields, do I put an ID I’d like there or is that automatically generated if sent as null. Running this example gives me nothing on result.records where the DNS entries for a site are located meaning it failed. I’m also perplexed as to why an API call that fails returns with an object instead of a failure message.


  const result = await client.configureDNSForSite({ site_id: siteid }, {
    id: 'foobarfoobarfoobar',
    hostname: '',
    type: 'A',
    value: '',
    ttl: 300,
    priority: 0
  console.log(result) // gives me the generic object
  console.log(result.records) // is `undefined`

But where do I put the actual data for the DNS record I want to create under that site id? I have hundreds of records to create and I don’t really fancy doing those by hand.

I’d suggest the workflow mentioned in this article:

This will allow you to see what a valid payload for a DNS record creation looks like (by setting one up in the UI and snooping on what is sent), and you can adapt from there :slight_smile: