Netlify Admin Interface disappearing

Weird issue. When I navigate to a site the Netlify admin interface, the buttons / tabs appear, but clicking on the buttons / tabs an ! in a circle and a 200 underneath appears instead. This has happened on a couple of sites, and seems to be intermittent. Thank you in advance.

Hi @Atchett, could you try taking a screenshot of your browser’s dev tools to see if there is an error. If you do see one (it will be in red), click on it and take a screenshot like this:


That should at least let us know what could be wrong with your account.

Hey @Dennis, thanks for coming back to me, it’s all fine at the moment but if / when it happens again I’ll get some data from dev tools. Thanks again.

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OK, great to hear that! In case it does recur, in addition to the screenshot Dennis asked for, would be useful to:

  • try in a browser window with no plugins activated (these sorts of things are frequently caused by a misbehaving/overly aggressive adblocker/security thing)
  • try in a separate browser just to see if it’s about the computer/network vs about the browser itself?