I have subdomain deploying from master and a branch deploy from staging branch at

When I type the domain in the browser url bar, they both attempt to use https. On master it works fine however for the staging deployment I get “NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID”

I looked at other support topics and it suggested that I might have duplicate dns entries. I ended up just deleting the project and re-creating it, but I get the same issue.

Any ideas?

Just got that fixed up for you, and working to get a bug filed so it’ll work automatically in the future. For now I suspect that all other branches on that site should “just work” when you add to the settings in the usual way (from here:

Hey there! We’re pleased and happy to let you know that we took care of the bug that initially created these problems :tada:

If you need anything else relating to this, please let me know!

I’m having exactly the same problem again (a few months later). What exactly was the fix you implemented? I pressed “renew certificate” and still nothing is working.

Anything I can do on my end?

hey @gpickett00, sorry to hear you are dealing with a (resurfacing) bug. Looking at the issue we wrote for this a few months ago, fixed, merged and closed, it seems like that was specific to some bad code we rolled out.

The error you are mentioning is more of a symptom than a cause - and can occur in a few different scenarios, specific and unspecific. Sometimes DNS (especially as you are dealing with globally synced data) can be a bit temperamental, and a little patience often helps resolve. Not that our systems can’t get better (as in the aforementioned situation), but its not always something we can influence. that said, is this issue on the same domain you mentioned above? maybe we can take a look.

Thanks for the quick response. Sorry, I should have clarified. The issue is with

I’m having users also report problems with (I don’t see the same security warnings in this case) but it’s pretty urgent since this is our main site. Is there anything I can do?


Hey george, sorry to hear things are still not working as expected. I do see that you upgraded your account and have a ticket in at the helpdesk - we will keep talking with you there to get this resolved.