My websites javascript isn't working

It’s my first time using Netlify to upload web projects. I have uploaded a folder containing my sites files and everything seems to be working except the javascript that has to be running on the site. It’s working locally on my browser, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

Could you post a link to your site. Without even that it’s pretty hard to help you.

I apologize, here’s the link to my site. It loads the javascript files and all yet it doesn’t seem to run it. The javascript file adds commas to the numbers.

Open your site in a browser that has an error console (I use Firefox, and click Tools→Web Developer→Web Console). When you do that, you’ll see a mixed content error when you load jquery over http since you are fetching the site over https.

There are other Javascript errors too, but I wonder if they’ll go away once jquery is loaded.

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Thank you! I looked into it and you were right, it was trying to load jquery over http which was blocking it from loading. I fixed it by loading jquery from my scripts folder instead of via a hosted web link.

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thanks for helping out @funkydan2!

Thought it would work. You could also have continued to grab jquery from google. You just need to use https.