My site (free tier) is stuck on enqueued and new for over half an hour now

I use Netlify CMS and CI with Github. All I did was add a new post and then replace one podcast episode with another on my home page. I deployed at 9:38pm and the two deployments, first enqueued, and the other new. The only thing which was successfully deployed to Netlify was the post image. I had a successful build locally. What could be going on?

If my site is getting too big, I will have to consider hosting elsewhere. I have no idea if that is the case.

The changes to my home page just got published, but the blog post created with NetlifyCMS is STILL enqueued. There must be something going on there.

Now it has been published. It went from enqueued to published real quick.

Interestingly enough, when I went into the console, I saw that purportedly the build of the post failed. However, it was successfully published on the site now. ???

There can be issues which cause builds to be “stuck”. While rare, it does happen from time to time.

As far as how to address this as an end user of Netlify, there is a “Cancel deploy” button in the UI which can be used to immediately cancel a deploy in progress. This button will then change to a “Retry deploy” button if you wish to rerun a build and deploy of the same git commit.

It appears to me that it was a build infrastructure related issue and not anything related to the size of the site or even the site itself. If this “stuck” build issue happens again, please reply here to let us know and we’ll open a support case to track down the reason.

Hi @luke, thanks for your reply! It ended up that even though it showed in the console that the build had failed, everything ended up deployed to the site/published. Go figure. Has that ever happened before? Thanks!

Not that I have seen before. Failed deploys shouldn’t cause site updates. I’ve opened a support ticket for this and we’ll follow-up there.

Thanks @luke! I though you might want to know about that. But fyi, my build was successful locally, so there should not have been any issues from my end. I also think that it is a Netlify CMS issue, as that is the build that failed. What is weird tho, is that I had pulled the post when it was published to github to my local repo as I always do. Then I committed what I had changed locally (which was a change to my home page), and that was deployed to Netlify and built on remote successfully. The image in the post which I uploaded to Netlify CMS also was successfully deployed to Netlify and built. It was the other parts of the post that purportedly failed according to the console, but before I even knew that, I saw that it was successfully published to my site. This is what was outputted to the console:

9:38:59 PM: Build ready to start

10:08:59 PM: Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime

Hope this helps.

@luke, I deployed another post today and this time went into the console to follow the build and make sure that it was successful. And it was. Then I made a change again to my home page (both deploys were pretty much the same kind of thing as yesterday) and watched the build process to completion. Again, it was successful. Perhaps I was a bit overeager last night to deploy and I deployed the second time too soon? But that still begs the question why despite the “fail” the build still manage to get published! Hope this helps.

we’ll be happy to look into it and I’ll ping you in the helpdesk case we opened for you for details on finding those deploys. We always need links to the deploy(s) in our UI to debug things like this, so you can include those in the start in the future :slight_smile:

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