My project doesn't work in the server

Hi, I need a help. I created a react project and deploy it in Netlify server. In my computer it works but in another computer doesn’t. It open page but page is empty.

@Vlad Welcome to the Netlify community.

Does this error have anything to do with it?

[Error] TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 't.apply')
	(anonymous function) (2.eb4c18bc.chunk.js:2:133627)
	u (2.eb4c18bc.chunk.js:2:130348)
	(anonymous function) (main.3c6540d7.chunk.js:1:18525)
	l (
	(anonymous function) (main.3c6540d7.chunk.js:1:381)
	l (
	t (
	r (
	Global Code (main.3c6540d7.chunk.js:1)