My form doesn't always send files!

My form: DM’ed

website is built with nuxt.js. Sometimes I receive files normally and other times I receive no files at all. I tested many times but this just happens randomly. What could be the issue there?

btw I have validation on so users won’t be able to submit the form without the file(s)

Hi Shadi, how big are the files that people are generally trying to upload? there are size limits, so this can be a factor.

I thought so but I tried different file sizes ranging from 1kB to 1MB and sometimes the file uploads and sometimes not. in my form I can see the file name and all and it takes sometime after I click submit to upload the files but still I don’t always see the file link in netlify’s forms admin interface.

Hey @Shadi,
Thanks for your patience on this. We have a few followup questions:

I see that you have two forms on the page you link: “admission-form” and “admissions-form”- are you not getting file submissions to both? Or just one?

I’m also wondering if you have tested different file types, in addition to sizes. For example, one submission includes attachments that add up to 3MB. They are all jpegs. Another submission has a PDF of about 250kb. So those both seem to be working okay. Are you perhaps trying to attach another file type that is not getting through?

If you could share a specific submission you’ve been testing, we could check out our internal logs for errors for that file. You can just drop in the link when you click the submission in the UI. It’ll be in the format:

@jen I have sent you private message with more details about the submission.

Hey @Shadi,
We’ve done some testing on our end and have not been able to replicate what you’re seeing. When we submit large files to our form backend, we are seeing the submissions in our database, including link to file.

We also looked at our logs for the submission you messaged about: p********1**** on June 4. That POST request did not contain any file data, so it seems like your end user did not attach a file to that submission. We did notice that the document field of your form is not required, so it’s possible that users are able to submit forms without the documents that you’d like.

We’d suggest making that field required. Please let us know if you continue to run into the issue after that!