Meet Netlify: Scott "Pie" Parker

Hey! I’m Scott (he/him). Feel free to call me Scott or Pie, either/or!

I joined the Support team here at Netlify in early 2020. I’ve got almost a decade of support experience under my belt, having spent several years supporting customers in the OT sector, particularly in the power generation, nuclear and water industries. However, I’ve always been a passionate web tech tinkerer and I was a Jamstack advocate long before I was brought aboard!

I’m based in the UK which helps our team to provide more punctual support to customers outside of the US (or, y’know, night owls :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).

When I’m not working, I like to watch live media (either sports or gaming streams), jam out with some good music, go out for night drives and, of course, spend time in the yonder my fur baby, Jack.


:wave: Thanks Pie! These well-run and well-staffed forums are giving me confidence to start with free tier.

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