Meet Netlify: Perry


Hi :wave: I’m Perry. I use he/him or they/them pronouns, and I encourage you to share yours too. I work on Community things here at Netlify, which includes spending a lot of time in this forum, but also means connecting with wider developer communities through facilitating meetups, sharing content, and creating a spaces where people of all backgrounds feel included and supported!

Before Netlify, I worked as a developer (starting in the late '90s), project/program manager, and teacher. I was the Faculty Lead at a prominent code school based in Portland and Seattle, where I got to work with a lot of people just starting to learn to code. Newbies and self-taught developers have a special place in my :heart: and always will!

I do a lot of public speaking and activism around making tech more accessible and inclusive.

I speak German and English, love to spend time outdoors, with friends at a bar, under a barbell, or behind a book. Find me @perrysetgo most places.

See you around!