Manual Deployment

Can the manual deployment option be added back to a repository linked site please.
If there is a GIT hub link the drag and drop function is missing. I have deleted the Giy hub account and looked to adjusted the settings but this doe not help.

Many Thanks!

Same problem, Can someone help?

hey datplan, we are happy to unlink that repo - that should make it possible for you to manually deploy again. just let us know what site this is concerning.

Hi Perry,
Thanks for the reply.
I deleted the site and set up another that wasn’t linked to a repo. 5 minute job and fixed.

Kind Regards

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good workaround. In the future, we’ll have a way for people to unlink repos themselves via the UI so this will no longer be a concern. I don’t have an ETA for that functionality being added to the UI, but it is planned.

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I have the same issue. I would like to unlink my github account and use manual deployment for this site. Can anyone help? Thanks.

hi @kristiansvilks, which netlify site is this regarding?

Hi @perry, it`s about

hi there, can you tell me the netlify site name or API id please?

@perry This is the name of the site - distracted-elion-fcf0d0

we have unlinked that repo for you!

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Hi Perry!

Similar issue with my deploy. But I also tried to use git hooks I don’t know where I am at, after messing up with the git hooks I lost the ability to deploy manually always it says failed. Site name praanv. I want to deploy now and it doesn’t work for me I bought the domain name I don’t want to lose it now. Please help.

hi there, we unlinked the repo from so you should be able to deploy manually now.