Manifest.json does not get deployed when using 'Drag and Drop your site folder here'

My automated building was not working, so I thought I’d first try to debug by building my app locally, then dropping the site folder into place. I do that, then push the ‘Publish deploy’ button

My index.html shows up. As do other files that I’m looking for, including random named bundles from webpack bundling. My service worker, my precache, my index.html…

But when i look for /manifest.json, I get the following.

# This site can’t be reached

The webpage at  ****  might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


Here is a screenshot of my upload folder.

example working file:

missing/not-displaying file:

I’m pulling out my hair on this … it doesn’t make sense to me. Any pointers?


I think it may have something to do with your custom http headers set for that . curl doesn’t mind them but they seem to cause the SPDY error in Chrome. This one seems to be what differs from index.html which seems to me to work even in Chrome:

"Access Control Expose Headers: *"

looks pretty atypical to me - I think the spaces are likely unintentional?

zomg. Thank you! Debugging multiple things turns out to be a bad idea.