Login via GitLab "This login link is no longer valid" / protonmail

I am trying to login via GitLab but it redirects me to a page saying “This login link is no longer valid … etc, etc.”; I do so, and when I click “Reset Password” link on the email nothing happens on the Netlify page, just loader icon keeps spinning.

I just created a new account today to get to know the platform through this weekend, but something went wrong somewhere.

Tried, clearing cache, private browsing, on a different browser and unlinking from GitLab acconut and linking again, but with no success.

Sorry for the trouble! We’ve been consistently abused by protonmail users to the extent (thousands of times during the past 4 years) that our spam fighting robots tend to mark most protonmail users as abusive accounts automatically, and this happened to yours too. We don’t normally even allow folks to sign up with protonmail addresses, but I see you managed to somehow.

I’ve unlocked your account and you should be able to login again, but you may again get locked out; I’d suggest you choose a different email to use and change your settings at https://app.netlify.com/user/settings for best long-term results.