Login via GitLab "This login link is no longer valid" / gmail

I am trying to login via GitLab but it redirects me to a page saying “This login link is no longer valid … etc, etc.”; I do so, and when I click “Reset Password” link on the email nothing happens on the Netlify page, just loader icon keeps spinning.

I think it may be because my account has been blocked for some reason.

Hi, @shahidzain67. Yes, I to believe our automated systems disabled this user and team. I have activated them again. Would you please let us know if you still cannot login?

Hi @luke,

Unfortunately it still seems like I can’t login. I’m still having the same issue. If I use a private window, I’m taken to the GitLab login page but then can’t continue past there. On a normal window, I can’t even get to the GitLab login page before the link authorization error comes up.

Thanks for the help.

We’ve just made another change, @shahidzain67. Would you mind giving it one more try?