Logging in with email redirects to /support

While trying to investigate why my just-deployed-yesterday site seems to have vanished, I tried to log in (using my email address) as I had done many times before. Now, however, when I enter my email and password and hit enter, I get forwarded to netlify.com/support where there don’t appear to be any active outages.

I filled out the support request form and then came here to see if others have had/are having this problem.

For what it’s worth, my symptoms seem different than the “endless spinner because your account has been marked as spam” common issue. I’ll also add that netlify-cli reports “TextHTTPError: Unauthorized” (not sure if that indicates my account has been marked as spam). I didn’t see any email from Netlify mentioning my account being deactivated.

Apologies if I missed a “common issue” topic for this, and thanks for any help!

Edit to add: I don’t have any ad-blockers enabled and I see the same behavior in a Chrome Incognito window (and also in Edge–although Edge never worked for me on netlify.com, so it’s probably not relevant).

@jared.krinke, you did exactly the correct thing posting here in the Admin topic. I also replied to the ticket.

It should be fixed now but if not please reply (either place - here or to the ticket).