Log file analysis for SEO purposes?

Hello guys,

I’m wondering if there is a chance for us to get access to server logs for analysis?

If it’s not possible to get access to the logs can you tell us how to send UDP request on every page load to an external service?

Thank you.

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hi Suganthan, thanks for your patience, i wanted to check in with the team about this.

We can’t provide you with access logs at this time, but we do have an open feature request for this and I’ll add your voice to the choir for that. If we should provide this functionality we can let you know more details and whether it is available at your plan level once we get closer.

As far as UDP goes, we do think it is possible to create a function to send the UDP request, but it would require running a function with every request/ pageload, kind of like a tracking pixel if you will.

The downsides to this would be that it would definitely create a ton of function invocations (depending on your traffic) and it might (due to function execution), cause slower pageloads. It’s out of our scope of support to write that function for you, but we do think, generally speaking, that it would be possible.

if you have further general questions, we’ll be happy to help.

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Thanks for the prompt reply Perry. I hope the team would consider adding the log file support in the future. I’d be happy to upgrade my account as necessary to gain access. Thanks again :sunglasses:

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we will absolutely keep you posted!

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I’m with Suganthan on this one. It would be really useful to drive our SEO decisions.
Netlify Analytics are not granular enough yet on this topic.



totally with you, @jefftediber!

I have changed my DNS to Cloudflare and using Logflare to do log analysis. You can also use seolyzer.io and CF workers. Same setup. Just incase anyone else looking for a solution.

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