List of supported Node JS versions?

Is there a list of NodeJS versions that Netlify supports? I thought they would support all LTS versions of NodeJS but that doesn’t appear to be the case. It always feels like a guessing game when updating dependencies on my sites, and figuring out which NodeJS version plays nice with both Netlify and updated dependencies. An active list of supported versions would be helpful, but I have been unable to locate such a thing.

Example: I just deployed a new site and specified

NODE_VERSION = “12.18.3”

in my netlify.toml file with no joy (Failed to install node version ‘12.18.3’). This is the latest LTS version of NodeJS 12 (last time I tried I couldn’t update to NodeJS 13 or 14 on Netlify yet).

Any guidance on this subject would be appreciated <3

Now 12.18.3 is working fine. I am not sure what changed but now its okay shrug

hi there,

the default version of node that is currently active can be seen here, in the github repo for the build image:

We also allow manual setting of any major version:

hope this helps!