Linking site to gitlab or gitbucker respository

I can’t connect netlify site with either gitlab or bitbucket ( note that github works !)
is through an error right from the authentication stage when I click on the “gitlab” button in the create page :

You must specify a provider when calling netlify.authenticate

same think happened when using the “linking” page
any idea the origin of the problem ?

There are about 4 threads covering the same issue across the Admin/Support forums now. Clearly a major bug with Netlify at the moment. Hopefully they get the eyes of people at the company and they resolve it very soon.

Hey there, thanks for your report! We clocked an issue which was preventing customers from linking to repos on GitLab and Bitbucket.

We’ve remediated the problem and updated our Statuspage to reflect the issue. Again, thanks for bringing this to our attention!