Letsencrypt Error retrieving account


I got the following by email.

Failed to renew TLS certificate for www.protocolsforhumanity.org

We tried to renew the TLS certificate for www.protocolsforhumanity.org but failed. Your TLS certificate is about to expire on Apr 20, 2019, which will impact your site’s availability. We will continue trying to renew it in the next few days.

Error message:

Acme::Client::Error::ServerInternal: Error retreiving account "https://acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/acme/acct/54403714"

I logged in and tried to renew the certificate manually, got the same error.

Is there anything I can do to resolve the issue?

It looks like it might be an error on the letsencrypt side and so hopefully will be fixed before my certificate expires. I’m not sure if the certificate will auto renew or not.


Hi, @chmac. It does look like the automated renew was successful earlier today (around 10:13:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time on 2019-04-11).

This also appears to be a generic API error and not something specific to your site. Glad it is working and please reply here if there are any questions.