Let's encrypt seems to be installed correctly but I still get expired SSL mostly and can't access my site

I’ve read most posts and googled a lot before I posted this.

I pointed my domain to Netlify servers about 46 hours ago. So by now I suppose most propagation should be completed. In my admin panel I can see I have Netlify DNS and I am using https and let’s encrypt. However, I still can’t access my site. The error is NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID and it was a certificate expired in Apr 2019.

I’m testing on Linux >Chromium + Firefox, both normal and incognito mode, as well as iphone safari + chrome. So far, the iphone doesn’t work at all. And for a brief time today, my site works (and the certificate shown when working is correct as shown in my admin panel) in Chromium and Firefox, but they stopped working once I closed the browser and restarted it. I have no idea why this weird behavior is occurring. I’ve since tried clear the cache and history etc and I also tried Renew Let’s Encrypt button within admin panel 4 times … but nothing seemed to work.

I did ask a friend to check (we’re not using the same WIFI) and it works for him on the phone. The certificate seems to be correct (like when it was working for me briefly).

What could I do to fix this error? Why is this happening?

Hi @AnnieTC, can you tell us the domain that’s giving me trouble? We need that in order to look in to this.

Hi guess what. Since I ran out of options to test, I finally decided to restart my internet connection (and WIFI), and voila! After that everything works for me! I still don’t know why this happens, but perhaps once I restarted I got to connect to different DNS that refresh my SSL? Appreciate explanation.

I think that it is likely that your internet connection had a misconfigured proxy and the restart caused it to dump its cache. I doubt that helped us get an SSL certificate; we probably got it earlier but your network wasn’t seeing it.