Let’s Encrypt certificate provisioning fails


I use netlify to serve a community site mobretreat.org . I own the domain registered at external registar. I configured your DNS servers to be used with this domain.

On page https://app.netlify.com/sites/mobretreat/settings/domain#https I am shown a message

mobretreat.org doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify

We can’t renew your Let’s Encrypt certificate automatically until the issue is resolved. Check our troubleshooting guide for more information on how to fix the problem, and then renew the certificate.

However the site is properly served and resolved using netlify name server

curl -s -v http://mobretreat.org 2>&1 | grep Server
< Server: Netlify

Additionally if I go to Netlify DNS I see three system records, one of them for domain test.mobretreat.org shouldn’t be there

How can I fix it?


Hey @dpolivaev,
Your DNS setup looks all good to me, so I’m not sure why you were getting that error. I just renewed your SSL cert and the error is gone so we should be able to automatically renew going forward.

I also made that DNS record for test.mobretreat.org delete-able by you.

Let us know if we can help with anything else.

Many thanks, it works perfectly now