Large media file download starts ok but then fails


I built a Netlify site for my (free) software application using the free plan. I use GitHub and the installation packages (~60MB files) are stored using Netlify large media. Usually it works great.

But right now when I try to download the files (for example it randomly fails in the middle of the download. I tried on a Linux and Win10 computer (but same internet provider). I know it already happened in the past, but then it worked again.

Is it because of the free plan ? Is it because of my internet provider ? (but internet connection seems to be fine) What could I check to see what happens ?

Thanks for your help.

hmm, i just tried to download that file you mentioned and it worked without problems.

without seeing more information from a failed download it is going to be hard to say what is going on.

can you provide a x-nf-request-id header next time a download goes wrong?


@jjazzboss, if you see this again the x-nf-request-id header from the response would be the best thing to assist our troubleshooting:

OK I’ll do that when problem occurs again.


It happened again: downloading a large media file (~40MB) fails at around 16MB. I notice that, like the last time, problem happens right after I updated the large media files using git lfs (without any error, and Netlify deployed the new website as expected).

Below is the response x-nf-request-id.

Some additional info from the Firefox webconsole:
Method :GET
Remote address :[2a03:b0c0:3:d0::d24:5001]:443
Code d’état :200
Version :HTTP/2.0
Policy :no-referrer-when-downgrade

Hmm. We’d expect the download to cut off at some point if it is coming slowly - maybe 28 seconds after you start if so, or at least in 90 seconds.

But in this case, looking up your specific x-nf-reuest-id, I see that we sent all 41735376 bytes with a 200 status in far less time (~12s). When I try downloading from your production URL, I get exactly that - a 41735376 exe that seems to be well formatted (I didn’t run it, but it didn’t seem corrupt).

You mean your server sent all the data very quickly and completly ? So the problem was somewhere in between your server and my ISP ? I noticed yesterday my download speed was relatively low (90KB/sec, usually it’s more about 200-300KB/s) and it’s sure I did not receive the 40MB because in the Firefox web console the number of bytes received was written, and I could see the temporary download file xxxxx.part which was also ~16MB.

I just tried again now (24hrs later, I changed nothing on the website), and it worked OK. I noticed that today, the Firefox download window indicates the expected file size. Yesterday it did not, when it started downloading it said “unknown file size” so I did not display the download progress bar.

Is there anything I should try ?