Language redirection not working on Chrome and Firefox (working on Safari)

Hey guys,

I am building a website with gatsby and hosting it on netlify. The website is available in two languages, french and english.
I want to redirect users from “/whatever” to either “/fr/whatever” or “/en/whatever” based on their browser language. I am using gatsby-plugin-netlify to create redirections using the following code:

        fromPath: '/pricing/',
        toPath: '/fr/pricing/',
        statusCode: 302,
        Language: 'fr',

This appends the following code to my _redirects file (which looks legit to me):

/pricing/  /fr/pricing/  302  Language=fr

Now when I navigate to my website on /pricing and my Chrome settings show french as my only language, I expect to be redirected to /fr/pricing. It is not working as expected, no redirection is happening. Same behavior with Firefox, but in Safari it’s working well, I am redirected to /fr/pricing.

Here is my instance (it’s a preview):

Hi @upflow. Welcome to netlify community!

Unfortunately, we have known issues around the odd behavior with language redirects that our team is looking in to. We do not have any workarounds at the moment. We’ll update here once we have more information.