Language-based redirect only works when 1 browser language set

I noticed language-based redirects aren’t working of the browser has two languages configured.

I have a redirect rule in my _redirects file as follows:

/  /jp   302  Language=ja

I have set my browser to Japanese with English (US) as my secondary language. My browser (Chrome) sends the following request header.

accept-language: ja,en-US;q=0.9,en;q=0.8

This does not redirect the site.

If I change my browser to Japanese only it sends the following header:

accept-language: ja

When I retry it redirects fine. I have no specific rules set up for English, which is why I’m surprised the redirect doesn’t work. I’m pretty sure this used to work. Can someone clarify?


Hi, @cbetta_box, welcome to our community site. As I believe you may already be aware (via other communication outside of this community thread), this is a known issue we are tracking at this time.

We’ll update this ticket if/when those issues are known to be resolved (and we’ll also email you directly relating to the other communication channel as well).