Ladies,let's JAM(Stack)


Hey ladies! What fun and exciting projects are y’all working on?


I’m not super lady identified BUT I’m game to share - it’s definitely time to start blogging again. I know it is kinda controversial but I think I am going to keep my medium account but I also want to start building my personal blog again. Just deciding whether to use this opportunity to learn a new-to-me CMS or framework or stick with what I know…what about you @divya, what have you been building?

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Hey! super happy to see this inclusion and belonging tag. I’m really excited about the JAMstack and right now I’m currently focused on blogging consistently I’ve built out my personal blog with Gridsome and of course hosted with Netlify. I also recently started a JAMstack chapter in Lagos Nigeria.


Fantastic, Gift - lovely to see you here. I want to intentionally make the Netlify Community as inclusive as possible! I want to also encourage anybody to start a thread that attracts the kinds of people they want to connect to. Black and african coders…people whose first language isn’t english…people with disabilities of various kinds…if you want it, you should start it :sunny:

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