Issue with the mobile version of website


When I access my website through the * or * domains on my mobile phone, it will show the mobile version of the website correctly. But, if use a custom domain (e.g., one I get from, the website is not rendered in mobile version.

Custom domain:



You’re having this problem because your custom domain points to a custom page that embeds your Netlify site in a frame, and said custom page does not have the viewport meta tag in its source code to let mobile browsers know that it is responsive. While the pages on your Netlify site do have this meta tag, it is ignored inside a frame.

First, your custom page is using the old HTML 4.01 standard from 1999, using the obsolete frameset and frame elements. Also, this framing solution prevents linking to other pages of your site from your custom domain. You should consider deleting that page altogether because of these issues.

As for a proper solution, I would recommend setting your custom domain as a domain alias in your Netlify settings, and modify your DNS records to directly point to your Netlify site. You can find more information about this on the Netlify Docs section about custom domains.

Hope this helps! :grinning:

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Hi, @gferman, and welcome to the Netlify community site.

@SmashManiac has given a very detailed (and correct) answer. Thank you for researching that and answering so thoroughly!

If you want that custom domain to point to your Netlify site, @gferman, would you please try the instructions here?

If that doesn’t resolve the issue or if there are other questions, please let us know.

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Thanks @SmashManiac and @luke for your help! I’ve tried both of your recommendations, but I’m having trouble with the DNS configuration. Currently, my custom domains configuration is the following:

A “Check DNS configuration” message appears close to the Domain alias. The DNS configuration asks me to point www CNAME to

I attach some screenshots so you can see my current configuration in the custom domain provider:

Finally, regarding the comment from @SmashManiac about some obsolete HTML frameset, I am currently using Hugo’s Academic website builder ( and deploying the files in GitHub. I don’t have much control on the HTML standard being used beyond that. I appreciate your comments on this matter.



What I would recommend is:

  1. Add your apex/naked custom domain as an additional alias in Netlify.
  2. Replace your A record at the apex/naked level with Netlify’s load balancer, as detailed in the link both me and luke posted. Right now it’s pointing to a different IP address which hosts the bogus custom page.
  3. Delete your wildcard (*) A record - it also points to the bogus custom page, and unless you expect your users to type in random subdomains other than www, it does not provide any value.

I’m not familiar with Hugo’s Academic website builder, but I doubt it has anything to do with this problem, as the problematic custom page is a completely different website than your main one.

I don’t know why you have set up these weird A records, but they’re the ones causing the issue, and whatever website they’re pointing at is the culprit. I’m curious to know if it’s linked to a “redirection” feature provided by your registrar.

No need to censor the screenshot by the way - anyone can query the DNS system to retrieve the information stored in your DNS records.

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