Issue where the files in Netlify Large Media stay as pending upload forever



I’m currently experiencing an issue with Netlify Large Media where the files in the repo are uploaded to Github as full files (instead of pointers) and the files show up in the Netlify Large Media tab but stay as “pending upload” forever.

My netlify instance is: tailwindmade

I was previously using Github’s LFS but I uninstalled it and then installed Netlify Large Media. May this be the reason for the problem?


Hi, @viviangb.

Would you please try removing the files from the git repo and then adding them back to tracking again? Here are the GitHub instructions for this (but this also applies to Netlify Large Media):

If removing and then adding the files to tracking again doesn’t resolve the issue, would you please open a support ticket about this issue by emailing


Hi @luke,

I did what you suggested and I still see the same issue.

I went ahead and emailed, I hope they’ll be able to fix this for me.

Thanks again for your help.

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