Is there anyone looking after netlify/build-image?

I’ve hacked up Rust support for the build image, but noone seems to be interested. I’d appreciate at least a yay/nay signal whether it’s useful :smiley:

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Hi Yacoob,

@DavidWells is working on the next iteration of the build system. Our Platform team is working on some other things than the existing build-image right now. Not sure how soon we’ll get to your PR based on priorities but we are hiring VERY hard for some more folks in that area so there is some hope :slight_smile:

Merging things into the build image of course affects every customer so we do have to do pretty extensive testing of changes, and the deploy takes Some Time to complete so it’s not as quick a process as you might think…

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Ah, okay. Maybe worth adding a note to the repo that there’s going to be a replacement so people don’t spend time reporting bugs there etc. :smiley:

Looking forward to that replacement 8)

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